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Meet the Chapman Wealth Team

I create thoughtful, straight-forward financial strategies for families as they navigate the challenges of retirement, eldercare and estate planning. It’s my commitment, my mission and my passion to clarify the options, craft a solution and deliver financial peace of mind. Chapman Wealth Strategies

Our Mission

In my role as a financial advisor, I believe that smart decisions about money begin with a clear understanding of the options available. That’s why I focus on ensuring that my clients have access to the information, education and personal advice they need so that they can confidently choose a financial solution that’s right for them.

No two situations are alike, so I access all of the tools and resources available to me to address investment, tax, retirement and estate planning issues. I also continue to broaden my education and training on the financial implications of divorce, blended families, critical illness and eldercare – just to name a few.

I approach each client situation with my heart open and my eyes and ears focused on the future. By being fully engaged and fully committed to each relationship, I can craft personalized, straight-forward written strategies with key benchmarks and milestones along the way.

In short: it’s my commitment, my mission and my passion to clarify the options, craft a solution and deliver financial peace of mind.



Julia ChapmanCEA, CPCA, RIS

Financial Advisor

Julia Chapman combines over 25 years of business management with a passion for helping families to focus on what matters most. In her career as an advisor with Investment Planning Counsel, she uses her strengths as a communicator to translate complex financial planning conce...
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Jeremy FerrallCFP®, CIM®, FCSI®

Financial Planner

Jeremy Ferrall has spent over 24 years providing financial advice and guidance to clients with varying needs, backgrounds and situations. In addition to his experience, Jeremy possesses his Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation and he is a CFP® professional. This c...
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Belle Severn

Client Care Manager

Belle has worked in the operational side of the financial industry for almost her entire career and can easily lay claim to the statement that she’s "seen it all". With each change to legislation, regulation and product enhancement, Belle has been behind the scenes dotting e...
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Nancy McParlan

Operations Co-ordinator

As a Client Service Specialist, Nancy brings 20+ years of customer service experience, with the past 11 years focused on the financial services industry. Nancy is responsible for communications with clients, head office and external institutions and provides a personal conne...
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Supporting the communities within which we work


At IPC, we built IPC Cares to bring together the various efforts we make towards enhancing the communities within which we operate. By adopting causes that are close to our hearts, we keep ourselves committed and accountable.

Last year alone, as a company, we supported the aid efforts on the Fort McMurray fires, palliative care through The Healing Cycle Foundation and women and children through The Salvation Army.

Perhaps the most significant effort we undertake, and one that we believe is representative of the kind of work that inspires and keeps us committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) efforts, is the community development project in Honduras with The Carpenteros & Friends. Last year’s project involved a group of IPC staff and Advisors volunteering their time and energy on the ground. Very little is as inspiring and rewarding as living the lives of the people you’re helping, and every one of the people who took the journey came back a changed person, even more determined to stay committed to making a difference in the world!

We also made countless small but significant contributions of our time and resources within our communities through many grassroots charities we believe in, and the ripple effects of their efforts are always rewarding.